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Board of Directors

Peter K. Hackbusch
President / Principal-in-Charge

Keller C. Hackbusch, P.E.
Chief Executive / Manager of Airfield Electrical Department
Business Development

Tim A. Prockish, P.E.
Executive Vice President / Electrical Department Manager
Chief Electrical Engineer/Business Development

Edward R. Gansberg
Assistant Electrical Department Manager
Electrical Project Manager/Designer


Kevin B. Melrose
Electrical Project Manager

Ginny Ganthner
Marketing Coordinator

Rhonda Cerveri
Accounting Manager

Traci Frey
Airfield Electrical Project Manager/Designer

Ed Gansberg

Edward R. Gansberg

Assistant Manager of Electrical Department / Electrical Project Manager


Mr. Gansberg has many years' experience (see below) in the construction industry directly related to electrical engineering, performing all phases including computer operating, design, calculations, estimating, and inspections. Ed joined Dinter Engineering Company in 1991 as an Electrical Project Manager and is currently assistant manager of the Electrical Department.

Mr. Gansberg’s engineering talents have received particular recognition through a number of honors/awards including special recognition for design of energy-efficient electrical systems for the Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School in Carson City, Nevada.

Years of Experience:

Dinter Engineering: Since 1991
Other firms: Since 1977


Arizona Automotive Institute of Design/Drafting, Glendale, Arizona

Project Experience:

Mr. Gansberg has experience in all of the following categories:

  • Airports: 64 projects for 13 airports in AZ, CA, NV, and UT.

  • Commercial: (banks, shopping centers, retail stores, offices, restaurants, kitchens, bars, etc.)

  • Correctional: (jails; minimum and maximum security prisons; police stations, public safety facilities; and youth facilities).

  • Municipal and Other Government: (courthouses/city halls; fire stations; city, county and state government administrative and dispatch facilities (DMV, DOT, etc.); post offices).

  • Educational (kindergarten through 12th grade, post-secondary institutions, training facilities): ~ 50 projects.

  • Historic Preservation/Renovation: including U.S. Forest Service=s Zephyr Cove Resort Campground and RV Park, Zephyr Cove, Nevada: Rehabilitation (built in 1920's; award-winning project).

  • Hotels, Casinos, Motels: including 11 renovations for Harrah's Tahoe Hotel-Casino, Stateline, Nevada.

  • Industrial, Mining and Warehousing: including remodel/addition to Dura-Line Plant, Sparks, NV.

  • Medical (hospitals, mental health facilities, health clinics, medical/dental office buildings, medical laboratories, etc.)

  • Military (Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy): including 11 projects for NAS, Fallon, Nevada.

  • Recreational Facilities (parks, picnic facilities, ballfields, fairgrounds, ski resorts, recreation areas, campgrounds/RV parks, U.S. Forest Service facilities, visitor centers, community centers/clubhouses, gyms/physical fitness facilities, ice skating rinks, swimming pools, tennis courts, museums, amphitheaters/stages/theaters).

  • Religious (churches, chapels, wedding chapels).

  • Residential (barracks, condominiums, apartments, housing developments, single family homes).

  • Non-airport Vehicular (vehicle maintenance shops, DOT equipment buildings, bus system facilities, vocational/auto repair shops, parking garages/structures).